Herby Bliem, St Martin Chalets

Herby Wins Environmental Award!

Thanks to his efforts working on environmentally friendly mobility here in Lungau, Herby has just received an award: the Environment Journal, 2013, which was presented by the Environmental Service Salzburg (“das UmweltServiceSalzburg”). Well done Herby!

In 2012, Lungau was awarded status as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, due to its commitment to sustainable development and natural beauty. Herby has been very active in Lungau’s quest to achieve this recognition and his focus has now turned to environmentally friendly transport. As well as the fleet of e-Bikes bought by St Martin Chalets and the network of recharging stations all over the region, Herby is also spearheading a drive to secure Lungau a fleet of electric vehicles, to which residents here will share access.

And of course we shouldn’t forget the St Martin Chalets resort, which was Austria’s (and perhaps Europe’s) first ever eco-friendly ski chalet resort.

Well done Herby – we’re proud of you!!

Herby Bliem with Peter Taylor at St Martin Chalets